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By | octobre 31, 2019

  • Auteur: Aurélie Guédron
  • Date de publication: 01/12/2017
  • Isbn: 979-10-94602-31-7
  • Nombre de pages: Broché
  • Format: fb2, ibooks, azw, odf, epub, lit, pdf, mobi, cbt
  • Ean: 9791094602317
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  • Résumé

  • We can already hear your possible hesitation :  » the Savoies : mountain, skiing, hiking, fondue. It’s for the athletes and those who enjoy smelling cheese and be dizzied by the fumes of the fondue ! « . Let’s go beyond these clichés. This beautiful region is, above all, a territory rich in activities of all kinds and is exceptionally attractive, whether you are with family, couple, or friends. Horseback riding, cycling, boating, shopping, culture, gastronomy or leisure, all these possibilities are open to you here ! Savoie has all the assets to seduce you, and we will gladly show you.
    Since it is a vacation, you will find all the you need for unforgettable moments, while respecting and preserving this splendid environment. Are you still skeptical ? If so, follow us and you’ll change your mind. By the way, do not forget to take notes in your customizable pages, this will be the best way to keep these beautiful memories !

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